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Security / Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Systems have become as popular in homes today as a dish washer. They are inexpensive to install and generally provide more of a saving in insurance than they are to maintain. Our installed packages start at $395.00 for 2 door contacts and 2 motions detectors. Our monitoring starts at $10.00/month for basic monitoring. Ask us about environmental monitoring systems including fire, carbon monoxide, flood, and freeze sensors that are designed to protect your home from environmental disasters. These are especially good for secondary homes like cabins where you could be away for extended periods. Most alarm systems require an active residential phone line of some sort but we can add cellular communication to any system providing monitoring without a residential or commercial phone line. When integrated into a whole home automation system, the alarm system can be used to activate several other portions of the system like turning lights on/off, adjusting temperature settings, and turning electronic devices like audio/video systems on/off