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Lighting Control

One of the largest benefits of an Automated System is an integrated Lighting Control System. Lighting Control is a series of Switches and Dimmer Switches that can communicate with each other and be controlled by several other interfaces.

Some major benefits of Lighting control include:

Energy Savings

(By limiting the percentage that a light will turn on and having the bulb fade on and off slowly you can extend the lifespan of your bulbs and use up to 20% less energy. This has more energy saving potential than compact fluorescent bulbs without having to worry about the mercury content of the CFL bulbs.)


(Because each dimmer can be controlled by single gang keypads, light switches can be relocated into closets or the mechanical room and have multi button keypads control several switches at once eliminating “wall acne” of 3, 4 or more switches located together.)


(By integrating a lighting control system into a home automation system, you obtain the ability to have system events turn lights on and off. For example, arming the alarm system could turn all of your lights off, walking in front of a motion detector at night could turn some hall lights on at 40% to let you find the bathroom easier. The extent to which this will work is limited only by your imagination.

Shade control allows you to control motorized shades and blinds from convenient interfaces as well as opening/closing based on times and light levels.