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HVAC Control

HVAC control or “Climate Control” can be done in two ways. We can install Thermostats that are designed to work with our automation systems that can be easily controlled using all of the interfaces of the system including the internet. For larger “zoned” systems, we can interface into the HVAC control system to send commands from our interfaces to adjust the system settings. Either way, you get the ability to adjust the temperature settings of your home from anywhere including the internet from work or while on holidays. You also get “real world” programmability of your thermostat that will react to your day. You can set a general schedule per zone and then have that overridden by the state of your alarm system. For example, arming your alarm system in “stay” mode could set back the temperature in night mode while arming to “away” could activate a holiday schedule for your thermostats. Disarming your alarm system would return your thermostat to the settings it would have according to the time of day.