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Video Surveillance has come a long way over the last decade from VCR style recorders to Digital Video Recorders and now Network Video Recorders. Analog Cameras recorded on digital hard drives are still the most common systems used today thanks to their low cost, reliability, and quality. However, IP based solutions are becoming more and more reliable and affordable. Their higher resolution and flexibility makes them a more and more used system. Either way, it is important to match your cameras to your recording devices to ensure that your entire system works together. There is no point in using higher resolution cameras if your video recorder will not record that resolution and vice versa.

Every Video Surveillance system is unique and presents specific challenges like day time and night time lighting conditions as well as the exact purpose of the system. In designing a video surveillance system, each challenge must be identified and dealt with correctly for an effective system. When we design a video surveillance system, we require a site walk through before any pricing is done. Once we have gathered information like location and direction of each camera and what exactly it is you want to record, we will design a system to adequately meet your needs. Of all Systems available for Commercial Security, video surveillance is the most susceptible to mis-represented and poorly installed systems. When shopping for a video surveillance system, be careful to enquire about guarantees, warranties, and that you are comparing “apples to apples” as not all systems are equal and more than anything else, you get what you pay for. Please contact us for free evaluation and estimate.