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Building a new home or renovating an existing home but not sure if you want to commit to a new Audio/Video or Security System? Give us a call, we can pre-wire your new or existing home to be ready for new technologies. We can rough in pipe to TV locations for HDMI cables and Fiber Optics to ensure your home is future ready. Speaker wire and keypads can be roughed in but hidden behind the drywall for future installation. We use only high-quality cables and connectors and won’t sacrifice on installing them. Did you know that video signals being ran over top of incandescent lighting fixtures or alongside electrical wiring will cause interference and degrade your video quality.

Want your new Flat Screen TV above a fireplace or installed cleanly on the wall but don’t know what to do with the BluRay Player, Cable/Sat Box or receiver? We have several solutions so that you can add components in a closet or the basement and give you a clean look with only the TV on the wall.