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The next step to a Security System is to make all of the components work together. Why have an access card to get into your building when you still have to disarm the alarm system from a keypad. We have simple, proven, and reliable integration systems for Alarm Systems and Access Control so that a simple swipe of a card can arm/disarm the alarm system as well. Take it one step further with Video integration and, for example, have the camera at the front door email a snapshot on after hour access to your building or email video clips on an alarm for verification purposes. We can take any system to the next level by integrating components together for ease of administration and time savings.

Boardrooms can be cumbersome during presentations with projectors and screens to display a slide show or PowerPoint. With an integrated boardroom, those devices can be permanently mounted out of the way leaving input jacks for lap tops, dvd players etc anywhere in the room including the boardroom table. Control these multiple inputs and displays including audio from various interfaces including touchscreens or simple buttons at the table.