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At Shield Integration we have over 10 years experience designing and implementing Large Commercial systems such as Multi Tennant Access Control, Alarm System and Closed Circuit TV. We can help you develop a complete security system to suit your needs using all three aspects of security, as well as looking at other aspects of your building and physical surroundings. Additional recommendations could be provided on the exterior of a building or needs based on sharing a building with someone else. We can accommodate special security needs like high security areas, time and attendance, muster area, badging, and integrated systems. We are members of ASIS and CANASA.
We have products that can accommodate anything from the smallest single door/camera system to large multi site/location systems.

We also offer full commercial Paging and music systems including simple background music for retail stores. We have digital signage systems for video displays and can design full boardroom A/V systems including projectors, speaker systems, tabletop inputs, and input control systems. These systems can be controlled via admin software located anywhere within the network or locally in each room. They can be standalone systems or part of a large network of systems.